Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lord Almighty

This is my Debut Song now on air. "LORD ALMIGHTY"
i hope that Our Jesus Christ will receive Praise and Honor by our this lil effort.
Hope you will like it.

The lyrics of the song are as follows.

1) He is, the light of the world,
He is, the hope of every word, 2x
He is, the strength of the weak,
He is, the only one i seek...

Chorus: He is Lord Almighty 4x

2) He is, the plentiful hand,
He is, the awesome magic wand, 2x
He is, worthy of praise,
He is, the path in the maze...

3) He is, the Lord of the lords,
He is, the mixture of the chords, 2x
He is, the salvation for all,
He is, the never ending call...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Readings Luke 7:36-50


In these verses we read about the woman who was not of a good character and was disliked by the people of her locality but she knew that Jesus is the only one through whom she can get Forgiveness and He is the only one who can grant her salvation.
One day when she heard that Jesus is coming to the Pharisee's house to eat she went to that man house carrying her Alabaster box of ointment. She sat near the feet of Jesus and started washing them with her tears and wiping them off with her hair. She was full of love for Jesus she kissed His feet and poured the best ointment she had.And kept on loving Jesus and her happiness to be at His feet......and the story continues.

the main things which i understand in this are:-

* The woman was determined to seek forgiveness from Jesus and show her love for Him.
we should also be like that Jesus showed His love to us and always keep on showing, we should also show our love to Jesus and keep on telling Him that we need Him in true.

* She took her ALABASTER BOX with her.
In early times Alabaster Box was considered to be the box in which people kept all their precious belongings and that lady came to Jesus with it. which means She gave to Jesus everything she had. We should also try to do the same, we should go to Jesus with each and everything we have no matter its a request,pain,prayer etc because He knows what we want and need but He rejoices when we keep our heart open in front of Him.

* She was aware of the fact that She is a SINNER, still She came into the feet of Jesus and repented.
Most of the times we think that we are sinners or we are not worth to be in the presence of Jesus and talk to Him, but that's not true Jesus wants Us to talk to Him in any form and in any condition. He showed His love to us when we were sinners "But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. " Romans 5:8
We should come before Him the way we are and not fake our self.

The ALABASTER BOX contains great importance in our lives. We should pay heed to what we take in our boxes when we go in His presence. think about it tonight.!
God bless you and be with you.


1)Aate hai hum, tere kareeb,
tu hi hamara Khuda,
The paapo mein, chhudaya hamein,
Di hai humko shama.

CHORUS: Halleluiah, Halleluiah 4x

2) Andhe se kaha, dekhne laga,
Murdo ko bhi zinda kiya,
Tufan ke beech, jab darne lage,
Daant samundar ko shannt kiya.


3) Krus par chada, khun baha,
Likha the jo pura hua,
Teesre din, phir zinda hua,
Vayda tha jo purn hua.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

my Debut Hindi Gospel.

Yeshu Mere Mujhe Bacha

1) Tere charno mein ata hun,
Aashish pana chahta hun,
grahan kar aur sambhal mujhe.

CHORUS: Yeshu mere mujhe bacha,
grahan kar aur sambhal mujhe.

2) Tu hi mera pita hai,
Anant Jeevan deta hai,
grahan kar aur sambhal mujhe.

CH 1x

3) Tera pyaar mahaan hai,
Vayda tera chattan hai,
grahan kar aur sambhal mujhe.

CH 4x

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My heart Cried.

Today i went to a girl called Neha in phool bagh colony with my friend Cathy. Neha is a new believer and now she wants to spread the Word. We went to tell her how she herself can teach and share different stories and her testimonies. She was very anxious to hear each and every word we spoke. The conversation carried on and we shared about the demon possessed man to her. after we had done she told a testimony how Jesus used her for His work. Few months back when she was hospitalized for her delivery she had a chat with a lady who was supposed to be the delivered the same day.when the gynecologist doctor came she told to the other lady that her baby had died 3 days back inside her womb and they will be operating her stomach to take the baby out.Neha was listening to all what was happening and She suddenly walked to that lady and said don't worry my sister Jesus will heal you and everything will be fine.That lady asked Neha who is Jesus i have never heard about Him before Neha said don't worry just believe in what i am saying and she kept her hand on her womb and starting praying. That lady first got afraid and shook her away but when Neha told her she is just praying for her she listened to her their surprise That woman started labor pains between the prayer and gave birth to a baby boy. though after looking at that boy they were not sure of his survival but then things went fine and they saved the baby boy. Neha gave birth to a baby girl.The doctors were amazed and even that lady then Neha shared about Jesus more to her and now she will be visiting her personally to tel her more about Jesus and His miraculous deeds.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You still live in me.!!!!

When I walk alone these empty streets,
I feel your hand gripped in my hand,
When I sit alone on the bench,
I feel you sitting beside me surrounding me with your arms.

When I wander on the moon lit beach,
I can see your foot prints just beside walking,
When I try to make art in clouds,
I feel your face is looking at me and laughing.

When I close my eyes and go in memories,
I know you are there waiting for me,
When some one ask me where is my love?
I just smile and say you don't have to go any way,
he is here in my heart within me.

One Rainy Day.!!!

One day I was sitting near a window,
When a dropp touched my skin,
It was about to rain heavily that day,
And joyfully shouted my kin.

I went out to sense God's blessings,
As I love to get wet and play,
For few minutes of my life,
I forgot my pain and relished in gay.

All was admirable and beautiful,
the sky, the grass and even the hill,
Everybody was singing with the music of rain,
As if the busy life of working people have become still.

All forgot the tensions and grudges within,
The travelers passing by stopped to rest in inn,
The trees were blissful and cherished,
But it was all momentary and soon it was all finished.