Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lord Almighty

This is my Debut Song now on air. "LORD ALMIGHTY"
i hope that Our Jesus Christ will receive Praise and Honor by our this lil effort.
Hope you will like it.

The lyrics of the song are as follows.

1) He is, the light of the world,
He is, the hope of every word, 2x
He is, the strength of the weak,
He is, the only one i seek...

Chorus: He is Lord Almighty 4x

2) He is, the plentiful hand,
He is, the awesome magic wand, 2x
He is, worthy of praise,
He is, the path in the maze...

3) He is, the Lord of the lords,
He is, the mixture of the chords, 2x
He is, the salvation for all,
He is, the never ending call...

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